Review: Goosebumps Welcome to Dead House DVD

The book version got me hooked and back into reading. I was excited when I heard there was a movie version. I thought it would be one of the best things ever created since sour skittles. I was kind of bummed to find out it was a TV show and not a movie. The acting was terrible. I think it was a PG show, had it been TV-14 it could have been much better. Parents these days. Their more concerned about scary books to TV shows than the junk over on MTV.

I expected this to be exactly like the book, but it wasnt. Even the ending was different. The last 7 minutes was different. The ending in the book was good, the final few chapters were great but in the show they rushed through the ending. Thats what stinks about this whole idea. had it been a straight to dvd movie, it could have been better and they could have had more time. TV only gives you some 20 minutes for a half hour show and that is not nearly enough time to really bring the book to life....lets not even talk about the cheesy music sheesh.