Twitter Tuesday Question 1

Well our First Twitter Tuesday was like watching a car crash from miles away. Maybe it was the lame question I chose or maybe its because I have enough followers to all fit in a trunk of a car. Eitherway, the question was "Do you like to read?" ....ok, yup, it was the question alright.

 Rachelle ❤ (◕‿◕ ✿ 
 No!i don't read :P why? cuz i think it's boring.. I used to read bunch of FHM magazine and uhm, cook book :)

I agree cookbooks are boring. They just make me hungry. FHM has words? I've held the magazine before, but to this day I have no clue what FHM means. Reading is like a buffet, you have alot too chose from but until you taste each item you don't know what your flavor is. Ok terrible analogy, but point is find a book that isn't boring.

 Yes it's one of my favorite passtimes! My kindle comes with me everywhere, I especially love biographies.

Oh Bios? You better be the first to buy mine "Down the Drain and Out the Gutter: The Story of my Life", but its non kindle format "cries" I am surprised Bryci has time to read with her modeling career and all, but if she can make time everyone can.

 Paula Meronek 
  wait like can I read? Yes I can lol

This is Paula being Paula...nuff said!


Before anyone starts thinking I made this up. Feel free to visit their twitter pages and dig through it all til you find my mention.   Bree Olsens response came in a direct message.