Remembering 9-11

What can I say about 9-11 that millions of people haven't already said? I've never been a fan of remembering the bad things in life. Why dwell on it? Why give the terrorists the satisfaction? It seems this country celebrates or "remembers" the bad things that happen but never focus on the good things. Obama being the first black president is great, a day I would have never thought I'd live to see. The publication of my first book and if you ask me that should be a national holiday! The inventing of flushable toilets (ever used a porter potty? Makes you appreciate toilets much more.) There are so many things we should talk about, but instead we have days to remember school shootings and terrorist attacks.

Yes I pray for the families. That was a really scary day for all. Look at the pic below, people running for their lives. Last time I saw people running for their lives was when David Hasslehoff wore that speedo! Can you imagine running for your life? Makes you glad you didn't eat the extra piece of cake doesn't it?

It does pain me to hear of anyone dying and seeing the country I live in being attacked isn't a good feeling. Did you know in the US there was an average of 150,000 deaths a day? I pray for those people and their families, but I wouldn't make an anniversary remembering it. I don't think that's very healthy. I'm getting a headache just thinking about the events. But I hope all the families can get through this day. They try so hard to forget the traumatizing event, but are reminded of it every year, every channel and every station. All we can do is pray for people in general, for their safety, for their families.