Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz... the World

So tonight was the first time I see a boxing match in over 2 years. Mr. Mayweather or as he's better known as "Mr. Cheapshotweather"  has reminded me why I don't watch it. Ok so Ortiz gave him a clear headbutt which caused the ref to take off a point. That part I get, it's not the UFC. Ref seperates them and Ortiz over apologizes like he stole money from his mother or something. They come together again Ortiz gives him another hug of apology and as he backs up with his hands down after the hug to place himself in fighting position. Mayweather nails him with a cheap shot to the side of the face. Ortiz looks at referee (again with hands down) wondering if that shot was legal. Ref was looking at time keeper and didn't see it. Ortiz waits for ref to turn his head , but Mayweather nails Ortiz with another shot right to the face! This one knocking him down. Fight over. Ref did not see the final two punches and the two cheap shots by Mayweather. It's like watching wrestling, the referee never catches the "illegal act." Yes, wrestling is scripted, but now i know where they get their ideas from.

Post match interview. Mayweather gets upset with interviewer and starts going off on him verbally. So we have two cheap shots and trash talking an interviewer live on national television infront of millions....This is your champ folks!

The world is pretty upset with Mayweather. As if his cocky attitude wasn't bad enough. As a commentator said "You can't claim to be the best in the world and take cheap shots like those." The shots technically were legal, but also classless and unsportsmanlike.

The acts of professionalism in this fight is exactly why boxing is slowly dying out. Heck, I've seen more respect  and maturity from gang fights...ok maybe not, but this was really lame. I was embarrassed for the league and for "ganstas" everywhere Dude represented the hood incorrectly.

Well after that weird fight I will go back to watching something much more sophisticated...like Jersey Shore!