Facebook Friday: Compliments vs. Flirting

To start off our first Facebook Friday Post. Sarah from facebook will write a bit about a pet peeve of hers. Followed by my add on comments. Remember if you would like to have your own Facebook Friday post you must first "Like" my facebook page and reply to the Friday wall post every week. If you'r topic interests me (or like in todays case, was the only suggestion) then you will be featured on the site!

I have noticed that many people, especially boys, think that because two girls compliment each other, that they are into each other or lesbians. I don't want to single out men. This goes for everyone who thinks a compliment is flirting. David touched on it in an earlier blog. There is a significant difference between a compliment and a flirtatious gesture. A compliment is being nice, being friendly. Flirting is being overly friendly. Let me give an example.

A Compliment: "You look really pretty here."
Flirting: "Mmmm you look really good sexy."

Some may not be as obvious, but still you get the general idea. And even if us girls do flirt, it still doesn't mean we want each other. If we flirt, its just being playful, just having fun. Girls can do that, because we don't take it serious, it's kind of like guys wrestling in the living room. You don't think that looks weird? We do it to have fun. Nothing more and nothing less.

David's Add-On

People want compliments, its why we upload photos. People would accuse me too of hitting on girls and liking every girl on Facebook. I asked them "If a girl complimented a girl, does that make them lesbians?" the general responce was "No". Ok then, so why is it when I compliment a girl everyone thinks I want her? It's a crazy double standered and looking at Sarah's posting. It's become a single standerd now. I find it a bit ironic. When a girl compliments a girl only guys think she's a lesbian. When a guy compliments a girl, only girls think he wants her. Apparently whats good for the goose is NOT good for the gander... or something.

Most of the complaints I get are from the girl herself! "Eww gross go away. Dont be calling me pretty you're too old. You're too tall, you're too ugly to compliment me. You're too skinny. gross don't compliment me. Your hair smells weird." Oh just shut up! Take the compliment and go home. My goodness for pretty girls they sure have some really ugly personalities.

Just because there are millions of more fish in the sea, doesn't mean every fish will fall for the same bait. Just like every guy in the world wont fall for the same girl. Just because we compliment them doesnt mean we want them. We are being nice. Would I like to date some of those girls? Sure, but personality means something to me too and once some of them start talking...sheesh. Lets wrap that sucker back up and return to sender! I'd rather be single.

Look, flirting, complimenting I really do not care. Just let people live there own lives. Stop labeling, stop taking stuff out of context, stop analyzing...just stop! If the two people involved are ok why interfere? If its a respect issue then that's an issue the two of them should resolve and there wouldn't be anything to resolve if people didn't jump to the wrongest of conclusions.

You know what? I'm done complimenting, from now on I will say everyone looks like moldy bread and be done with it!