I know alot of authors want to promote their book, but if their anything like me, they can't afford to spend a kazillion dollars on marketing. Even tho my book was published through CreateSpace. I can't afford to pay $500 for their publicity kit. (They give you 500 business cards, 500 bookmarks and 500 postcards.) I ordered 250 business cards on Vistaprint for less than $10! You can also make banners, T-shirts, hats mugs, pens etc.Add your book cover to them and some text and you're set.... to run for office! I know there are other sites that do the samething, but I have received my material from Vistaprint and can confirm they are legit. I have ordered around 6 products from them and they have all arrived with no problem or hidden fees. Infact I have a few products that I am taking with me to my appearance/ booksigning! They have specials all the time which helps :) Click the banner below to see for yourself.

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