Book Review: Crispen Point

Crispens PointCrispens Point by JoHannah Reardon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well I don't even know where to start with this one. To not discourage the author I'll start with the good stuff, the stuff I enjoyed.

I like the religious stuff. Praying and biblical texts were used well, author didn't confuser her scriptures (or me). Advice given to the teens in the story seemed to work well. I loved Janice in the story, she seemed more out there, more of high spirited girl, almost always cheerful in the book. I liked her more than Charlotte nd she was the main character!

Now to what I didn't like (dun..dun...dun). Sigh. I didn't like how Charlotte a girl who supposingly enjoys being single says yes to all and any guy that asks her out. (only 2) Granted the main reason she said yes was to have some company, but still. She was a bit overly friendly..or is that how Christian ladies should behave? If it is, she needs to visit my city.

I also didn't like the initial attraction between Charlotte and the pastor. They talk so much about resisting the flesh yet they both fell in love with each other the minute they saw each other. No words were exchanged, it was a physical attraction. Which I think the author pointed out and the Pastor felt terrible about, but he felt bad because he too wanted to stay single and hated the feelings he was having for her. Feelings that are based soley on looks because they didn't say a word to each other through a very long period of time.

I didn't like how quick the days went by in the book.I know for the stories sake weeks and months need to go by, but a whole year went by in the book! That's a little too much with a lot of days left out.

Anyways I also didn't like how quickly engagements and marriages took place. Both girls got married within weeks of dating their new boyfriends. With a whole year going by in the book you would think the relationships would last longer and take their time before the marriage.

My final issue with the book is how friendly everyone is. The teens especially, all interested in the Bible all seeking advice from Charlotte. Clearly this is fiction loi (laughing on inside) No one had any drama or issues with anyone. Everyone loved Charlotte. it became too unrealstic for me. Also noticed a few spelling mistakes, but no biggie.

So why the 5 stars you ask? Simple. It was the first Christian novel I ever read, despite the critiques above I did enjoy it for the most part. It is not easy to grab my attention for a book. If any book can keep my interest til the finish it deserves a 5 star from me even if it has a few things I did not like...for now.

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