Toothpaste on Pimple?

does-toothpaste-rid-pimples-800X800.jpgI read some articles on it and a friend told me she uses it and it helps clear pimples. Well, I just tried it tonight and it burned like fire! I quickly went online to do a little more research and the some reviews say not to use the gel kind, others say not to sleep with it on, just leave it on for an hour and others say to stay away from it at altogether!

I had three on my face, one on my check the size of an apple, a smaller one on my forehead and one starting to grow on my other cheek. out of all 3 the one on my forehead burned the most. I do not know if toothpaste works, but I will come back tomorrow with the result.

What I do know is to drink atleats 6 glasses of water daily, stay away from peanut butter, chocolate and stress, change your pillow case atleast once a week, get 8 hours of good sleep in. Stay away from dust. Wash your face twice a day and ofcourse brushing your teeth atleast twice a day should reduce blackheads, pimples etc. ....and they say guys don't have to do anything to look good? Ha


(This was an old blog on a different site I forgot about)
Instead of returning tomorrow, I returned 4 months later ha. Well the toothpaste didn't work. I felt tingling, burning and all. It actually made it redder. Bottomline, it did not remove the pimple. My face skin is really sensative. So, anything can cause breakouts. I did go a few weeks with a clear face all I did was burn all bills I got in the mail and never answered the phone! I may be homeless in a few days, but ateast I'll have a clear complexion!