HTBAG: Language language can be a turn off. A gentleman is always careful with the words he chooses to say. I remember reading a question a girl asked. She asked “Why do guys curse so much?” she went on to say that her boyfriend curses all the time, she finds it annoying and feels he is “just plain ignorant” and not intelligent, because he can’t find a decent word to use. Some guys will argue that, but as you may have read a gentleman never argues with a lady. She has every right to be upset. This isn’t taking away ones freedom of expression. As Christians we have to watch what we say and even if you aren’t a Christian manners is something we should have all learned. How to speak in front of a lady is very important. It doesn’t matter how us guys feel, if she feels uncomfortable with cursing, don’t do it. After all we are trying to get her to like us.

Regardless of how you may feel about it, fact is cursing is a sign of immaturity. Don’t get defensive and reply to this blog saying I’m crazy. This blog is about learning how to be a gentleman and part of being a gentleman is controlling your words. There is no debating that.

A business and relationships have one thing in common. Feedback. Feedback is very important, you have to forget about what you want and how you want to do it. A relationship is all about making the other person happy and making them feel comfortable otherwise it won’t grow and will most likely fail. Many girls do not like excessive cursing and we have to respect that.