Review: Mama For President

Mama for President: Good Lord, Why Not?Mama for President: Good Lord, Why Not? by Vicki Lawrence

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's like a Roast with special guest.....America and Mama is the roaster. Boy, she goes after everything in the US from politics to celebrities. Lots of jokes and one liners. Some really laugh out loud jokes in this book.

I wouldn't mind mama being president....can she do any worse than what we've had? Then again after her running for mayor (on the show) Maybe she shouldnt be president :(

A pretty entertaining book, but half way through the book went from "What I would change." to "What I complain about next." still fun read. Unfortunately I couldn't hear or picture mama's voice saying these things....but sure makes me miss the show.

I ask that all authors do research. The book mentions merging Major League Baseball with World Wrestling Federation. The "World Wrestling Federation" changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment back in 2002, book was published in 2008. Catch up people. Alot of people keep calling it WWF, they need to stop....and yes I mean those celebrities on TV and talk show host. Its been almost 10 years since they changed their name and one of the highest rated weekly shows on TV....what you living under a rock or something? Sheesh

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