My First Author Appearance

I made my first Appearance as an "author" at a spanish family christian camp this past weekend. Tip 1 for selling books: sell books to people who can read the language! I could have sold over 50 had the book been in spanish, but it went pretty well all things considered. Alot of people said they wanted a copy but didnt have any cash with them. Understandable it is camp not Six Flags, no need to carry money.

Surprise and shock would explain some of the expressions I got when people found out I wrote book. My older friends supported me really well and bought a copy. As for my target audience (teens and young adults).....this leads to tip 2: Slap a restraining order on anyone who has a bad word to say about the book! Coincidentally those "critiques" came from people who did NOT buy the book.

It is not an easy thing to do. Book signings go much better from what I hear, because you are being approached by people who have already read your book and like it. No "haters" Nobody to purposely ruin the ending for yours buyers. This experience taught me alot. How to shrug off negative attitudes about the book, cover, price etc. How to react to those things aswell and networking, I met some very interesting people who work for bookstores and youth ministries so only Lord knows what this book could become.