My First Negative Review

So yesterday a friend of mine (years younger) gave me his opinion on my book. I've received critique before on little non important things and this was no different, but how he did it was new.

He first tried to soften the blow by complimenting me. Saying he likes the style and likes the idea, but the "storyline I'm sorry, truly sucked."  Lets break down that sentence. That sentence tells you this person shouldn't be taken seriously. He is a smart kid, but not a very good reviewer. First the word "storyline" Any real writer and reviewer know the correct term is "plot". I don't care about correct grammar, but when reviewing a book I expect the reviewer to use proper terminology in order to be taken serious. Which leads me to the word "sucked" I suppose because it was a romance, that's why he felt it sucked. We all know guys hate romance anything. Movies, books etc.

After that he started to mention how the days in the book are not correct. I skipped a few days Starting on Wed. then jumping to Saturday. I reviewed the book and I clearly mention every day of the week in the book and I even pointed out the chapters each day began in. I did not skip any days. Luckily for me he didnt leave a review on any site, because he would have most likely given me a one star rating and ruined the ranking based on things he missed as a reader not me as an author.

I welcome feedback both positive or negative. But if it is negative make sure to recheck before leaving a review. I will not yell or curse people out, but I dislike having to correct bad reviews.