HTBAG: Open the Door!

man-opening-door-for-lady-tm.jpgAnytime you see a door infront of you open it for her. Don’t run up to the door or push her out of the way into the snow or mud puddle. Always try walking next to her, if you are walking behind her you wont be able to get to the door before she does and it will look foolish if you slam the door shut as she begins to open it just so you can open it for her. If you are caught behind her, say “Oh let me get that for you” and you gently move infront of her without bumping into to her. Also make sure she is by the opening of the door and not behind the door. Just doesn’t look right having her walk around you to get through the door. If the door opens to the right, you walk on her right side. If the door opens to the left, you walk on her left side. Oh and guys, please don’t hit her with the door!

If you are picking her up in your car, don’t sit there and honk the horn or text her or call her on the phone to tell her you’re outside waiting. Step out of the vehicle, ring her doorbell, escort her to the car and open the car door for her. Some guys are afraid to met her parents, well don’t be. A gentlemen tries to get the approval of the parents. I remember some guys, including myself that have asked for the parents permission to date their daughters. It isn’t easy but shows the parents that you respect and value their opinions. When you ring that doorbell don’t be afraid to meet anyone that may open the door. Use good manners you never know, some girls still care about how their parents feel about a guy. Some ladies still care about how you treat others, but we’ll get into that later. Always be prepared to meet them at some point. If no one is home do not enter the home. While you may want to be alone with her, doing so in a house that isn’t yours or hers isn’t very gentlemanly and not something her parents will be too happy about.