HTBAG: Make Offerings

No I don’t mean church offerings, while those are nice, that is not what I am referring to here. I am referring to offering to pay for her things. I usually make it a rule never to leave the house without any money. Even if my bank account is down to zero, I’ll borrow money from someone, borrow a credit card (actually that’s a very bad idea) Borrowing money is the best idea if you do not have any. Don’t make her think you are broke, girls do not like guys with no money. It’s not that they are golddigers or anything like that, it’s just that girls do not like guys that can’t pay their own way. Since most of the time the guy plans the date, your wallet should already be prepared. Don’t be sitting at a fancy restaurant and having the waiter tell you that your credit card was declined or like some guys do and this annoys me, tell you’re date to pay for her half and you’ll pay for your half! Never ever do that. Either come to the date prepared or don’t come at all is what I always say. If you don’t have the money tell her you’d rather spend a nice day at home watching a movie and cuddling with her. If she says ok to watching a movie, offer to watch it at her place, if you live alone. Ask her to watch it at her place with her family. You get to kill two birds with one stone. No parent wants their daughter alone in some guys home so when she tells her parents “It was his idea to watch a movie with us” their respect level for you just went up and you also get to spend time with her family. You're getting to know them, their getting to know you and she will realize that you actually are interested in her and want to spend the rest of your life with her. If she has a close relationship with her family then their approval or blessing means a lot to her. So for you to offer to do something that would have most guys hiding under their beds for is admirable. It is a good idea even you do have money on you. You don’t have to wait til you are broke to do it.

There are other kinds of offerings such as: Offering her your seat or offering your coat. Anytime I am invited to have lunch at someones house and I see a female enter the living room and there are no empty seats, I offer to give up my seat so she can sit. A man can stand for 30 minutes to an hour, so can a female, but let’s face it we get tired of standing and we don’t want females to have to deal with that. We want them to be comfortable. This isn’t something you should do to just the lady you are with this can be applied to all woman. It doesn’t matter if you’re in church, a house or even the bus. 

As far as the coat goes. This is simple. I always say carry a coat, jacket or something with a zipper in the front with you at all times, because you never know when she will feel cold. When she says things like “Gosh, it’s really cold in here.’ Or “I’m cold” that’s when you offer to give her your coat. Sometimes she may not even say anything, but you can tell by her actions that she’s cold. If that is the case than you ask her directly if she would like your coat.