HTBAG: Don’t Insist

Girls like a guy who is a little persistent but don’t like guys who are insistent. What is the difference you ask? Quite a bit, Being persistent means you don’t give up on something you want like a job or anything that involves obstacles you have to overcome. Being insistent is more like demanding something. Two very similar words. Maybe this will help. An example of persistent would be if you asked a girl out and she says no, but you keep talking to her and asking her out, that is being persistent. An example of insistent would be if you already have her as your girlfriend and you demand a kiss from her and you continually bring it up anytime you are both alone. Trust me that leads to problems.

I had a friend who told me about the first time he had a girlfriend and how he insisted on getting a kiss. It was more like begging really. Usually when girls say no they mean no. You are not going to convince her to give you something she doesn’t want to give you. Well, this friend of mine told me that his girlfriend eventually got so tired of him insisting so much that she left him. She got annoyed with his begging. The same thing happened to me with my first girlfriend, but instead of breaking up with me she told me it was annoying her and that I needed to stop.

It may not always be about kissing, it can be about a place you are dying to go visit, a restaurant, a movie you really want to see or maybe even marriage! Just relax, let things happen on their own. You do not want to anger and frustrate her. Remember “annoying” is not a quality girls look for in a guy.