The Amanda Todd Controvery

There's some mixed reactions about Amanda Todd. Granted as you see above, there are a tremendous amount of people showing support, but with a controversy attached. This attractive young lady committed suicide. It is sad when anyone commits suicide and it is hard to believe that someone so young and beautiful would even consider it.

She did it due to bullying. The top facebook page says "and to all the other lives that have been taken because of bullying." They make it sound like a disease. These "victims" did not die because of bullying, As if it were cancer, they died because they chose to end their lives. Some might say well bullying is why they did it. Bullying lead them to suicide. Anything can lead you to suicide if you think it is the only way out. Unemployment, divorce, financial struggles, prison, a bad haircut. If you allow that feeling of sadness take over it can lead you to suicide, but feelings are not reasons.

What did she do? Well like many teens these days she went online to meet new friends, she used webcam to chat with them. She met a guy and in typical perverted male fashion, he asked her to flash. She did not. But a year later she did. 

 While she did that, he took a photo/snapshot/screencap of that moment. Later used as blackmail to get more from her. She refused so he then sent the photo to people she knew online. She began feeling anxiety, depression and panic disorders. Understandable, she then said she ate alone at lunch, people called her names and that alone led her to cutting. I'll agree that she had to move. It is impossible to focus on school work knowing everyone has seen you topless and some insult you for it, but I wouldn't call it bullying. 

She then made things worse for herself when she hooked up with another girls boyfriend. She admitted it was a big mistake. Later the girlfriend approached her with a group of people. Amanda was then attacked by the girl (only the girl no one else joined in, at least to our knowledge) the other kids recorded the attack. Her father found her in a ditch and that is when she attempted suicide by drinking bleach, rushed to ER to have her stomach pumped.

When she returned home she saw comments on Facebook from people saying that she hoped shes dead and she deserved it. Schools need to start discussing internet safety and what really goes on.

She said the guy who took the photo continued to follow her on facebook and other students harassed her and pushed for her to kill herself.

I'm not here to justify their actions, I'm not going to say she deserved to die. That's low class and idiotic and God shall punish those who say otherwise. But I wish she would have fought back. She could have pressed assault charges on the girlfriend and her friends. She could have reported the internet guy to authorities, after all, he did cyberstalk her, harass her, blackmailed her and contributed a topless photo of a minor to others which in the US is considered child pornography. The two people that created the most problems for her would have been used as an example. She made her mistakes, but so did those two individuals. She was a pretty girl, she would have made new friends eventually. She would have been respected by others for fighting back and not being the victim any longer. In my opinion she handled the situation wrong.

Let's break this down. She hooked up with another girls boyfriend, was beat up and made fun of by the girl....typical teenage high school drama. She also flashed a stranger on cam and harassed for it. Was she really bullied or just being punished for her own actions?

No doubt part of the reason she committed suicide was probably guilt. All the problems she went through was caused by her. That is my problem with Facebook, there are many Pages about her and many groups from a few hundred to a few million showing their "support" but what are they supporting? Where were they when she made the video? Where were they when she needed friends? I say stop the facebook pages and go out and help girls and guys who are going through tough times right now. Don;t wait til someone is dead to show support.

And yes I have helped some people out of suicide. I've spent hours talking girls like he rout of killing themselves. But these girls are not the problem....someone needs to knock some sense into those jerks that harassed her at school and the ones praising her death today!