Has Technology Ruined you?

Back in the 1990's life was easier. No cell phones, no texting, no facebook, heck no internet! Now, if someone doesn't talk to me I feel it's because they hate me.

Relationships were easier for me back then. Only way to communicate was through a landline phone. When she said "I'm too busy," or "I can't" you believed it. A girl had better things to do than stay at home tied to a phone hanging off a wall and pay long distance charges.

Today, girls have a phone with them with 'free" long distance calls. On those phones is texting. I understand girls can't call sometimes, but texting takes but 5 seconds and can be done sitting on a toilet. I've always believed that if someone doesn't text you it's simply because they don't want to. If it's your boyfriend or girlfriend who isn't texting, that can get very annoying. The person you are with can not find 5 seconds in a 24 hour day to text you? You have every reason to be mad, but don't let that anger beat you. if they don't text you, it doesn't mean they don't like you anymore, could be many reasons. It could be that they've been bombarded by a bunch of friends making him/her text a billion times til they get so angry they toss their phone away or shut it off. People do get tired of texting. While you should be the first and last person they text everyday, don't let it become an issue. Not everyone is the same.

Technology has improved communication but worsened relationships. If the person you are with doesn't text or call you in 24 hours, as much as it hurts you, let it go. Remember 20 years ago, no one had this technology and while it is easier to communicate today, the basics of relationships shouldn't change. Give them time to miss you, give them their space. if it helps give your phone to someone else for a few days that way you can't bother them! Don't argue over texting. It's a very dumb reason to break up over.