Teenage Girl Sues School for Religious Mural

Does the title sound crazy? It is, seems nowadays you can sue people just for looking at you.

There are two groups or organizations out there that complain more than anyone. PETA and Atheists.
Anytime Atheists see the word "God" somewhere BAM!! They want it removed. They want the name God removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer groups removed from schools, they're complaining about Tim Timbow mentioning God and now the latest..In Rhode lsland, a teenage complainist (new word. You heard it here first) sued her city and her school for having a mural in the auditorium of Cranston High School West because she believes it promotes Christianity.

My, they should evacuate the city and burn down the school. How dare they! In this country? In America, where we have more rights than any other country, where no one can force you to believe in something you don't want to. How dare the school promote something that has been a part of this country since its discoverance! Notice the sarcasm?

Jessica Ahlquist calls the mural offensive to non-Christians. Oh brother, Christians find 80% of TV shows offensive but you don't see us suing every TV Network created. Get over it. That's life. ITT Tech told me to skip church for 3 months to take classes. I could have sued, but I didn't. It's life, you take the shot and move on.

City officials say that the mural has been part of the school since its early days, its a "historical artifact" and serves no religious purposes. In other words, its for decoration only. They also say it helps students thrive for better grades. I guess it's not just for decoration then.

The judge granted her wish one of three. I'm guessing he's an Atheist too, because there is no real legitimate reason to remove it unless it was some pornographic type mural. Remember, the mural is in the auditorium, so on an average day, students wont even see it. Hmm, next you'll hear about the statue of Micheal Jordan in Chicago being removed because its offensive to Charlotte fans!

I want to give credit to my Facebook Atheist friends. I post religious stuff all the time and they never complain. Props to them.