Book Review: This Thing of Ours

This Thing of Ours: How Faith Saved My Mafia MarriageThis Thing of Ours: How Faith Saved My Mafia Marriage by Cammy Franzese

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Told through the eyes of Cammy (I'm calling her Cammy, because I'm too lazy to type her full name!) This book goes into two parts. She talks about dealing with her drunk father as a child and teenager. Some people don't understand how tough it is for a child to grow up with a drunk father. Having to take care of someone who is suppose to take care of you is not easy. When the person who is supposed to put, as they say, the meat on the table, doesn't. Children grow up fast. Some in a good way, many more in a bad way. Luckily Cammy was one of the good ones.

Cammy was a beautiful girl throughout her life. She wasn't a blonde bombshell, she was a black haired beauty. You can definitely notice her in a lineup of women. Figures she'd be with a guy who's popular and had money. Yes, she was not with him for his money and he didn't use his money to get her.....wait, spending $100 buying flowers off a street vendor? Yup, that's using his money. In all fairness I think every guy here would have done the same thing if we had that kind of money. It's not using your money if it's something romantic, but the girl falls for you much quicker when you use your money for romantic stuff. It's not just for these two. it's a fact for all. After you read this book you'll notice how his money played a major role. I doubt she would have stayed with a man who was in jail and only had five bucks to his name.

Anyways getting to the actual book. While Micheal, the husband is the main character (if you will) in the book. We do not get an indepth story of Michael's mafia ways. I guess for that you have to buy his books.

Good story. I did enjoy most of the book. It's a great book to see how God helps you and continues to bless you despite all the problems. Cammie is a strong woman, but she wouldn't be hadn't it been for all the prayers her mom made and her own prayers. The power of the prayer is amazing and I'm gad the family has found comfort in God

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