The Facebook Double Standerd

We all know that there is a double standard at many business, but did you know that on your Facebook you have friends that discriminate too based on gender? It's true, I should know I have 33 people blocked!

Sex does sell even when its gender sex on Facebook. Guys mostly add girls that are dressed sexy, girls mostly add "hot" guys. I saw a girl post a screen cap of her number of friends request, well over 300! Her display picture? Tank top, showing her stomach and very low cut daisy duke shorts. So I went out and bought myself the same tank top showing off my stomach and the daisy duke shorts. Not only did I not get 300 friends request, I LOST 300 friends!

There is something girls do that irritates me. They have posted hundreds even thousands of photos before you were their friend. Out of boredom you go exploring through her pics for no other reason than to kill time until you pass out. You find a funny pic or a really pretty pic and you comment on it. Now if you are a girl its fine, she'll "like" it, but if you're a guy....get ready. Here come the "You're a creeper", "Get off my pics creep", "Stop stalking my photos pervert" comments. I defend myself and say:

"You upload pics for people to see right, so what's the problem?"
"Yea, but I uploaded them 2 hours ago!"
"I didn't know you 2 hours ago!"

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Let's correct our terminology. A creeper is not defined as someone who looks through photos you published. It's like being a chef. You cook food for the people than call them disgusting two legged helmet head looking pigs for eating food that YOU made for them. That's being a hypocrite. What would make someone a creeper would be if they downloaded all your photos to their computer and changed their desktop wallpaper to a new pic of you every day. That should make you rethink posting photos period.

Staying on the subject of photos. If a girl posts half naked pics. Other girls call her an "attention whore" or a slut. A guy posts pics showing off his computer built abs, the same girls don't call him an attention whore. Oh no, their calling him sexy and hot. Nice ey? What's good for the goose apparently isn't good for the gander.

Finally (and no I'm not done with the double standardish things, but you're probably just as bored as I am.) We have the whole "girls reply to only the cute guys" theory, but I have seen it happen. Some girls flat out ignoring wall posts and status replies from the "uglies" but replying to every thing the "cute" guys do. Not every girl does it, but it happens. It's reality, you get judged based on your looks. It's like that in business and it's like that in school, it's like that everywhere.

Honestly, there is so much more negative than positive going on in Facebook that one has to wonder if it's even worth it. You add your friends and you add your family, before you know it, you have life's problems following you on Facebook. I kind of miss the good old days where I said hello and the girl just walked passed me. Now, on Facebook everyone can see her ignore me. Bullying is out of control. The competition is fierce too, but that's a story that even bores me. Facebook etiquette.

BTW the girl in the photo is a friend of mine and I did not block her. Pic was taken for dramatically purposes.