HTBAG: Don't Kiss on First date

I love to kiss a beautiful girl, sadly the last time I kissed a girl, the white house was yet to be built. And as much as I'd like to, I never do it on a first date. I haven't been on a date since Y2K but from what I remember I never kissed on a first date, but why?

Well to me, I don't kiss on the first date for several reasons.

1. Don't want her to think I'm after her body. You don't want her to think you only want a physical relationship. I'm no good with the baseball analogy, but you don't want to hit a homerum on your first swing. You want to read each pitch first, give her time to warm up to you before you go for the big swing.....and I think I'll move on to reason 2 before I confuse myself further.

2. Takes away anticipation. The first kiss should not be rushed. The first kiss should be something special, something earned. I know many teens today move faster than the speed of light, but that's why relationships don't last. They rush into everything. A gentleman would first kiss her on the cheek until she gives permission for lips. There are some old fashioned ladies still around. After two full dates with the girl you start to desire that kiss alot more, that anticipation is what makes the first kiss so special and more enjoyable.

3. Why rush? Unless you plan to die tomorrow, there is no need to swallow a girls lip on the first date. Make the first kiss meaningful, not a routine. Despite how it may look, girls are looking for a gentleman...again despite how it looks. You rush to the kiss on the first date, you are no different that the losers she already dated. Be different. Show her you like her for her not for her lips.

If you must, end the date with a warm hug and maybe a kiss on the cheek. That shows the girl that you are patient and a gentleman. Nothing worse than leaning in for the kiss and she slaps a hand in your face...ok maybe there are a few things worse, but it's still very awkward. Holding off on the first kiss is the difference between a girl thinking you are long time boyfriend material or the flavor of the month. Agree, Disagree?