You Should Have put a Leash on it.

Sometimes out of boredom I like to walk around the neighborhood or head down to the park. It's a fairly quiet neighborhood you don't hear any kids screaming or adults I know why. As I passed a red brick house I am greeted to a loud "woof woof"  I look to my left and see a dog half my size that looks like has been chowing down on some steroid biscuits. I froze momentarily, but the little  bugger started to walk towards me. I know they tell you when you see a dog barking and walking towards you, you should freeze and do nothing, but I couldnt refuse. I reached into my pocket and......well I can't say what I did because even on the internet that would be illegal, but lets just say we had a very good dinner that night!

The owner comes to my door asking where his dog was. In my best Beyonce voice I sang "Should have put a leash on it."....Sigh that ending looked better in my head.