What I hate about reviews

As an author I really hate it when people leave a bad review over something dumb. Even amazon.com reviewers who are supposed to maintain a certain level of professionalism act like disgruntled 11 year olds.

I really dislike when people give a low rating to a book due to its religious views. The person knows a book is a Christian book before they open it so why complain about it in the review? It's like those idiots at that restaurant that ate a chicken sandwich then complained because they wanted something else. Hey you ate it now you have no right to complain. They knew what they were eating and chose to eat it, they can't complain about it. Readers are the same, they read the description of the book and chose to read it knowing full well it is a religious book then complain.

A reviewers must be unbiased and professional. If you are an Atheist why would you read a religious book? Than give it a one star ratings for being religious? I hated science class because I was forced to read, memorize and study the story of how this world came about written by an Atheist. I have the right to complain because here i am a Christian being forced to learn stuff that are going against the Bibles. Church books are voluntary and don't need to be bought, but science books are shoved down our throats weather we want them or not.

Point is if you are not being forced to read a book and you chose to read it you can't complain for its religious contents. Don't become a reviewer if you're going to be biased. If you are going to be that way then clearly state on your website what you do not accept. That way everyone can see the kind of jerk you are! I am sick of going around goodreads and amazon seeing these so called "well educated" reviewers leaving biased disrespectful reviews on christian books. Just stay away from them will ya?

I recently saw a review where the woman said the book was good, the concept was good but didn't like the religious stuff and rated it 2 stars! I guess that's just life. Many Managers and reviewers are a lot alike they can't separate their personal feelings from business.