Facebook Friday: The New Facebook

Everyone and their brother has been complaining about the "new" Facebook. True, it has become more stalker friendly, but that's your fault for adding stalkers. Personally, I only add cute stalkers, and I WANT them to notice me! I actually like some parts of the "new" Facebook. Granted the "Top Story" seems to be a "Day long story" and is actually very annoying. Last thing I want to see is someone whining about how their day was and have it glued to the top of my news feed for five hours.

As you see above, I actually like this new feature. That little corner news feed thingymajug updates itself. No need to refresh page. You just scroll over it and can leave a comment, like it, whatever. Its great, I've seen people say things like "Oh hey, I saw your name pop up and thought I'd say hi." I've seen people I thought died years ago popup on the newsfeed. Perfect for lazy people like me, who don't want to go digging through their friends list to remind themselves of who's on their list. Ha, if my friends were tired of seeing me before, this new update may cause them all to delete me. Which reminds me, the new feature also makes it easier to delete people.

Yes, no more clicking on a persons name, going to their page, scrolling all the way down and then clicking unfriend.

Just move your cursor over their name, wait for the little window, move cursor to "Friend" then select "remove" or "unfriend." Geez, forget "Stalker friendly" they made it "Lazy fiendly" You can do everything without leaving your homepage! I can just see my friends list getting lower as they read how to delete. Honestly, the "new" Facebook is not all that new. The changes are not drastic like Myspace...or do I type My[__]? Anyway's the changes are small and everything is pretty much the same. I think people are blowing it out of prepo...priport...umm...making it bigger than it is darn it! Where's a dictionary when you need one? Other than the "Top Stories" thing, I like the updates. Top stories? geez, this is Facebook not Yahoo. Noone has any "top news" to share and if they did and they wanted you to see, they'd just tag you in it or something. I don't really consider a friend talking about picking his nose and finding a dime in it a top story. But, I digress.