Book Review: Everything I never wanted to be

Everything I Never Wanted to BeEverything I Never Wanted to Be by Dina Kucera

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Before I get into the actual review. I must mention this. The language. The author uses a bit of foul language in the book, she even mentions that she doesn't believe God cares of her cussing when he has other things to worry about. God is a master multi-tasker. Of course he cares about the words we use, why else would there be so many Bible verses on the subject? Example: James 3:10; Colossians 3:8 (to name a couple) I can go on for hours on this subject alone, but I won't. I'll just say this. If you can't picture Jesus saying it, then you shouldn't either.

Now, the book itself was very interesting. The cover makes the book look like the cover for Paranormal Activity 40. It was actually pretty good. Now, I have never taken drugs and never so much as taken a sip of alcohol. I guess all those years cleaning sports arenas and seeing that nasty gunk at the bottom of beer bottles helped, but I did have a neighbor who was high every time I played basketball, so at least I know how one of the daughters acted. I also knew of a 14, yes I said 14 year old girl who sold drugs! Not full time, but she did. I was also friends with two mentally crazy drug addicts and alcoholics (never met in person, all through Myspace. Thank you Tom)I may not understand the pain the mother went through but I can understand the horror..

I can't imagine the pain the mother must have gone through with all three daughters doing something heartbreaking, weather it be drug addiction, poor boyfriend choices or just all out crazyness. I've known all three type of girls, but in this book you get all three types in ONE girl. Dina is a strong woman, but even the strongest of women go crazy and she did. The book is through the eyes of the mother, who is also the author. She adds humor to the story which is good, humor heals the heart or some junk like that and I must say Carly is a smart and funny girl, at least in the book, her wisecracks are great. She is also the one most talked about in the book. I practically fell in love with Carly, because she seemed so sweet and smart, but ruined (at that time) by drugs. Very beautiful family. Very sad story. Their in church now and I hope and pray that God helps this family. I wish I could meet them one day and just give them all a big hug and take them to Chuck E Cheese.

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