Book Review: 4GVN

4GVN4GVN by Willy Ramos

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I never heard of Willy Ramos before and this was interesting. Very rarely do you hear about former gang members writing books....wait. Nope we hear about trouble makers all the time. Gang members, murderers, thieves and politicians who later find God and become great preachers and workers for Christ, but something is different about William. He sill has that "ghetto" lingo/looks. You see his photos on Facebook. Dude looks like he's still in a gang, but that is how he has managed to bring so many hearts to Christ. He didn't suit and tie himself up. Some people in the streets don't respect the suit and tie business, they respect their own kind and when they see Willy, they see what he was and what he has become. They respect him more for it. Heck, if I ever went to the mean streets of Chicago with a suit and tie, I'll be lucky if I come back with boxers!

He did not beat around the bush, he talks about how he felt about God (in a good way) church, gangs. very interesting read. Adds humor and slang to the book. He's a good guy, has supported me with my projects. Good heart, good story. A happy ending to a sad beginning.

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