Reviewing my own book

The Hopeless Christiantic

I must be honest. I don't read alot of books and with my self diagnosed ADD it's hard for me to read anything these days so to write a book was a huge challenge for me. After reading it myself, and I am no fancy reviewer, I had to judge my own work.

I think the story of love was good. How Das found love amonst all the drama nd backstabbing was nice. All the incredible amount of drama in the book was very entertaining and Jessica? Call her rude, call her feisty, but to me she was the most entertaining character of the book. I have never read a book like this, filled with so much drama, romances sure, unexpected love, sure, but done this way? Never. Yes there are a few spelling mistakes and such, but that shouldn't take away from the story. I enjoyed it. The author a 27 year old un-employeed young man who had to leave college due to religious reasons, hey I hink did an amazing job for his first book.